MMM#3- March 13 2017

Hello Hello I’m Back!

It’s Sophie and here’s another post in the Monday Morning Motivation series!

Quote of the week-

“People love what other people are passionate about.”


Wallpaper of the week-


Song of the week-

Vivaldi Recomposed by Max Ritcher

This is so fresh and I love it so much.

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My Favorite Lines from Hamilton

Hello Hello I’m back!

It’s Sophie and as stated earlier this week, I am obsessed with Hamilton.  It’s amazing how the past and the present are connected through music and art- aaah it’s great.

So, today I decided to share some of my favorite lines from Hamilton so I can use different quotes in my Monday Morning Motivation posts.

Here we go-

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30 Day Drawing Challenge!

Hello, Hello I’m Back!

Happy Friday everyone!

It’s Sophie and I do like art and drawing and all that fun stuff.  I was looking on Pinterest for a 30 day drawing challenge to do just for fun, but I found that most of them were a bit…generic.

Like this if

Sorry!  Great minds think alike but I kind of wanted to do a drawing challenge that I think would be interesting and isn’t like the other ones you’ll find…hopefully. Continue reading

MMM #1- February 27th

Hello Hello I’m Back!

It’s Sophie and as promised, here is the first post in my Monday Morning Motivation series, or MMM.

So I think I will do a quote, positive wallpaper type landscape and maybe a song that I think will motivate you to get through the morning rut!

Quote of the week-

Dost thou love life?  Then do not squander time, for that’s the stuff life’s made of.

-Benjamin Franklin

Wallpaper of the week-


Song of the week-

Another Day of Sun from LaLaLand

I loooove LaLaLand so much and this opening song is actually my alarm.  🙂

I hope you liked this first Monday Morning Motivation!

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Monday Morning Motivation!

Hello Hello I’m Back!

It’s Sophie and I thought that for my first post I would supply you with some monday morning motivation.  I always wish that I could have a never ending weekend just to spend, but usually that’s not the case.  You’ll wake up and of course, the world goes on.


Like this if you’ve ever had a dreary Monday morning.

So that’s why I decided to create a Monday Morning Motivation series to help you get out of bed and seize the day!  I’ll post these on Mondays at 9:00 am.  I’m really hoping that these will help turn your day around for the better!  I feel that whenever I see or hear a cool quote or just a nice landscape, it actually makes my day a lot better!

Lots of luv,


Hello Hello!

Hello hello!

It’s Sophie and I’ve just started this blog on a whim, so we’ll hope this lasts longer than the other ones I’ve failed to stay on top of.

My other blog Aesthetica was fun, but it didn’t really describe me.  It sounded mature and sophisticated but really, I’m the type of girl who likes to cry over Hamilton and watch Disney movies in my onesie.  So, I think that “Hello Hello” which is my usual greeting for things is much more me.  

Anyways, I hope you have fun on my blog.  Like this if you like ice cream and comment on what your favorite disney movie is!

Lots of luv,