Happy family day!

Hello hello, I’m Back!

It’s Sophie and I decided just to wish you a happy family day.  So this is not officially a MMM(Monday Morning Motivation), but I’m hoping you will still have a happy Monday!

Today is Family Day for me, so I’m not sure if everyone takes the day off, but if you do, spend some time with the fam or even just give your parents or siblings a call.  Especially if you have grandparents or you have kids, get them to call their grandparents.  they’ll love that.

And if you’re working today, give the family a call, or even someone you love or care for!

Journal Prompt- A list of all your loved ones and a good memory you’ve shared with them.

Happy Monday and I hope you’re all having a great time with your family or loved ones!

Lots of luv,



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