30 Day Drawing Challenge!

Hello, Hello I’m Back!

Happy Friday everyone!

It’s Sophie and I do like art and drawing and all that fun stuff.  I was looking on Pinterest for a 30 day drawing challenge to do just for fun, but I found that most of them were a bit…generic.

Like this if

Sorry!  Great minds think alike but I kind of wanted to do a drawing challenge that I think would be interesting and isn’t like the other ones you’ll find…hopefully.

Anyways, I hope that you can get inspired and do this challenge.  If you did, please comment below!  I will definitely do this challenge, I think it will be so fun to do.


  1. Your best friend wearing your clothes and what they think of it
  2. Your grandma at a senior yoga class
  3. A teacher you have or have had in the past
  4. After watching a sad movie
  5. Trying to do something your friend is an expert at
  6. Being interrogated
  7. A sly expression
  8. A fancy chef flambee-ing something
  9. Tasting something delicious
  10. An awkard family reunion
  11. A kindergarten kid at a long assembly
  12. Running to catch the bus
  13. Walking a tightrope, really nervously
  14. Your favorite (or least favorite)clothing trend
  15. A fairytale character waking up in busy New York City
  16. When you wake up at 10:00 on a week day and realize you’re waaay late
  17. Waiting for a cab in the freezing rain-without an umbrella
  18. Appreciating nature
  19. A hyperactive kid at a carnival
  20. Not knowing what to talk about- awkward!
  21. A cat lady
  22. Napping after a long day at work
  23. An outfit inspired by your favorite blog
  24. Your mom wearing a trendy onesie
  25. A lineup of girls auditioning for the next oscar award winning rom-com
  26. Down by the bay inspired- lamma eating pajamas, bear combing his hair…
  27. A made up job that is entirely silly yet still entirely useful
  28. The cheesiest movie or boy band you know
  29. One of your friends or family as a hero or heroine
  30. Draw yourself drawing

That’s all for my 30 day drawing challenge!  I hope you can complete this drawing challenge or that you’re inspired by this! Comment if you like drawing people, things or if you aren’t very interested in art.

Have a great weekend!

Lots of luv,



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